Concentrico Festival 2023

FLAT PACK proposes to use a zero-waste offcut strategy to construct both an urban enclosure and dynamic public furniture for the Plaza Escuelas Trevijano. Using a fixed number of Efficiency Poplar wood sheets, the panels will be cut vertically to construct a self-supporting zig-zag wall. Doors and windows will be cut out of the walls, and the offcuts, which would typically be discarded, will be used as benches, chairs, tables, and other types of urban furniture. The variable dimension of the zig-zag produces different sectional qualities of furniture, adaptable to different social activities, such as sitting, eating, drinking, performing, playing chess, etc. Visitors to the pavilion may participate in a sort of puzzle, using geometric and color cues to locate the negative space in the wall that is correlated with a particular piece of urban furniture. The pavilion will circumscribe the edges of the Plaza, activating the quality of the space as an urban room, a space for gathering and socializing in the city.

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